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" Cumberland County is my HOME. When I speak with people in our community, far too many are struggling to make ends meet. Families that were already living paycheck to paycheck are also concerned with how their lives have been impacted by the pandemic. Our schools remain underfunded and even after being asked to educate our children through a maze of policy changes and closures over the past two years - our teachers are still underpaid. Too many people still don't have access to healthcare and those who do are paying too much to see a doctor.


These are CLEAR PROBLEMS and I am running because I believe there are also CLEAR SOLUTIONS." 



"Right now, our state needs members of the State Senate focused on one thing - delivering for all North Carolinians.
I need legislators who will help me expand Medicaid, pay teachers more and give everyone an opportunity, which is why I'm proud to endorse Val Applewhite. I know Val and trust her to do what is best for North Carolina,” said Cooper. "With Val in the State Senate, Cumberland County will have a tireless advocate who isn't afraid to stand up to Right Wing Republicans as we work to build a state where everyone has an equal chance to prosper."

- Governor Roy Cooper

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